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Benefits Of Bathtub Refinishing For Apartments

Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing for Apartments


  • Renters are more likely to rent an apartment if it has a clean bathroom with a tub that looks like new.
  • Bathroom sink, shower and tub refinishing can save 75% off construction costs compared to more costly options such as remodeling and renovation.
  • Apartment managers and owners now understand that refinishing is a quick, affordable way to increase the appearance of bathrooms in their vacant units.

Bathroom Appearance is Important to Renters

Apartment owners and managers know that renters prefer to live in a home with a clean, like-new bathroom. The better-looking a bathroom shower, sink and tub look within a vacant apartment, the more likely it will be rented as soon as possible.

Renters are consistently concerned with finding a decent living space that includes a tidy bathroom area. Daily use of a bathroom tub and shower can quickly erode the quality of surfaces. Professional refinishing offers a quick and cost-effective way for apartment managers to reverse this wear and tear in time for a new tenant.

Refinishing is Quicker and More Cost Effective

Refinishing is proven to cost at least 75% less than construction when compared to other remodeling and renovation services. Bathtub refinishing companies are licensed and bonded by the state in which they operate, so they are legally certified to get the job done.


Many apartment leasing offices now train their property managers to hire bath resurfacing experts. Whether the project is for one or multiple units, the process is both affordable and efficient. Most refinishing work can be done within the same day, and discounts are usually offered when a project includes multiple units. With rising real estate prices, the demand for apartments will only increase. And as more renters enter the market, their tastes and expectations mirror those of home buyers. Offering a refinished bathroom can make a significant difference in convincing potential renters that your available apartment is in top condition.

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